Analyze Deals Like a Hedge Fund Manager


- An advanced degree in math or statistics

- Spending dozens of hours on spreadsheets

- Ever having done a deal before


Deal Analysis Mastery 2.0

Eric Bowlin

What is "Deal Analysis Mastery?"

Over the last two years I have noticed so many people really want to invest in real estate, but the information on the web is either:


1) Fundamentally flawed

2) Good, but not complete

3) Scattered in too many places for it to be valuable


So, I've put expert advice into one easy to use course to help you get started.


You will get literally everything you need to analyze your real estate deals from market selection to the forensic details needed to determine expenses and future rents.

Why Deal Analysis Mastery?

(and not some other course)

1) Straight to The Point


We cut out all the fluff and get straight to the numbers. You won't find video after video of useless theory without any practical application.


Instead, you will find real numbers, real rules, and real analysis.


2. Focused Content


There are plenty of courses that spend dozens of hours talking about a thousand different aspects of real estate.


And that's great...


But this course is focused on deal analysis.


Why pay for all the other stuff when what you really need is to know how to crunch the numbers and weed out the good from the bad deals?


3. Price Per Pound


Based on the information, experience of the instructor, and price, the VALUE of this product is unparalleled.

Now It's Time To Take The Next Step!

Are you about to spend hundreds of thousands on a new property and you're doing the math on a napkin or simple spreadsheet without any real experience to back it up?


I spent years and bought millions of dollars in real estate, spent hundreds of thousands to learn, through trial and error, EXACTLY how to succeed in real estate.


I've put all of my knowledge of deal analysis into this course.


Are You Ready to Join and Start Making Offers Confidently?


Deal Analysis Mastery

Get everything listed above and more! Totally risk free as there is a 100% money back 14-day guarantee on all orders.

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